Reckoning Motorcycle Club


About Us

The subdued black and grey colors show our connection to public safety. These colors are the traditional colors worn by public safety special response teams.

Our center logo represents the spirit of the legendary Francis "Pistol Pete" Eaton, a historical law enforcement officer of the old west.

In 1868, an 8 year old Francis Eaton witnessed his Father's death at the hands of six, gun-bearing blokes. When he was older and allied with a pair of Colt Peacemakers, Francis downed his Father's assassins one by one even announcing to one, "fill your hand you son of a bitch," just to make the fight fair.

His precision earned him the name, "Pistol Pete." "Pistol" proved his talent as a lawman and a "cowboy who did the best as he saw it." Guided by "Pistol," we "mutually pledge" our "sacred honor" as the Reckoning MC.